20 Years of Caregiving

Hand to Hand Therapy Clinic, LLC, a private practice established in 2004 by Occupational Therapist Sarah T. Doig, provides a dynamic and holistic healing environment to enhance the success of each client’s rehabilitative goals. We aim to transform lives by promoting physical healing, emotional well-being, and renewed self-confidence.

Centrally located off Interstate 70 in Wheat Ridge near Golden, we serve the Denver metro area and surrounding communities, working closely with most Rocky Mountain hand surgeons and numerous primary care physicians.

What Is A Hand Therapist?

A hand therapist is an occupational therapist or physical therapist who, by completing advanced certifications, is qualified to specialize in rehabilitating patients with conditions affecting the hands and upper extremities.

Our therapists are required to fulfill continuing education requirements to meet recertification requirements. The combination of advanced skills and education enables the hand therapist to successfully help patients return to a productive lifestyle. Learn more about our team.

Patient Testimonials

"I walked into Sarah's office unable to sign my own name because of hand and elbow pain. From day one she took the time to get to know me and care for my pain. Sarah helped me step by step to set and achieve my goals. She helped me make the difficult decision that surgery was the best option for my arm. After surgery she worked carefully and comfortably to rehabilitate my arm so I could get back to work. She truly cared for my well being and outcome. Big thank you Hand to Hand."

− Jeff Nass

"In the Denver metro area there are many therapy clinics. I got lucky when I was referred to Sarah. She is a warm, friendly, and compassionate person. She has worked very hard to restore the healing and functioning of my hand, which has enabled me to return back to my job as a dental hygienist. Her amazing patience and phenomenal expertise has made a difference in my life. I honestly feel without her help I would have never successfully recovered as well as I did. I am so thankful for all of her hard work and friendship. If you should ever find yourself in need of therapeutic services, I highly recommend Hand-Hand Therapy Clinic, Sarah Doig, MSOT, OTR,CHT. THANK YOU, THANK YOU SARAH!"

− Pam Martinez

"I have had 19 operations on my hands for a severe case of Dupuytren's Contracture, a malady that affects the fascia and the neuro -vascular bundle of the hand. The result of so many surgeries is hyper- sensitivity, excessive scar tissue build up and compromises with the flexion of the fingers. Sarah Doig of Hand-to-Hand Therapy has treated me post-operatively for the last 3 surgeries. When she first touched my hand I immediately knew she was competent and had the sensitivity to understand the requirements for my treatment. She understands how to minimize the pain while generating the maximum in improvement. I know hand therapists and can recognize immediately when one is competent. Sarah has demonstrated her considerable skill to help me overcome the flexion deformities and hyper-sensitivity. I would recommend her without hesitation to any patient. She is terrific."

− Michael Canon

"Upon receiving one of the worst wrist injuries that the doctors had seen, I was recommended to Sarah Doig for hand therapy. Sarah came highly recommended for her rehabilitation techniques combined with her personal caring touch. It was physically painful to go to hand therapy, but Sarah made the experience comforting and relaxing due to her caring nature and the warm atmosphere of the office. Sarah gave me one-on-one attention and made me feel as if I were her only patient and her paramount concern was my recovery. Which is difficult to find these days. Sarah was willing to go the extra mile to ensure that I healed to the maximum extent possible. Professionally, Sarah is very knowledgeable at what she does and keeps abreast on the latest rehabilitation techniques to ensure that recovery of the injury is maximized. My recovery was better than expected, due in large part, to Sarah’s hard work in ensuring that the best outcome possible was achieved through hard work and determination. I would highly recommend Sarah and her staff to anyone with rehabilitation needs."

− Anthony E. Schwairy